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“Mastering The Lost Art of Patient Retention”

Whether you attract 5 new patients a month or 500, it doesn’t matter unless you find a way to build long-term relationships where they trust you to provide the comprehensive treatment they deserve. Your focus on Patient Retention is vital, because every patient you lose is like watching precious gold slip through your fingers.

All the PROFIT is in the retention.

That’s why I’ve released this BRAND NEW Book to give you the tools you need to recover the treasure buried within your practice. Inside I reveal:

  • Why constantly chasing after more new patients via “trendy tech schemes” and “discount offers” ultimately costs you far more in lost revenue

  • A secret strategy for retention that leverages a fundamental psychological reality that practically commands them to stay with you forever.

  • The 3 tiers of retention and how they must work together to build a lasting foundation for your practice’s success.

  • Powerful “patient engagement touch points” that step-by-step build an iron hedge around every person who walks through the doors of your practice – they’ll never even think of leaving.

  • How communication across your team is mission-critical to patient retention… you’ll discover a simple system to make sure every patient is optimally engaged and cared for every moment of every visit.

  • The WRONG way to handle retention – make this mistake and it can cost your practice 10s, if not 100s of thousands in profit.

  • And so much more.
  • Building significant wealth in your practice – and setting yourself up for substantial growth whether to add another doctor, increase hygiene, cultivate big cases or prepare your practice for a “gold rush” exit strategy when you decide to move on to that phase of life – all of this boils down to Patient Retention.

       In addition to providing you a copy of my new book, I’ve set aside some time to personally design your customized Perfect Patient Retention Blueprint.  

    Here’s your chance to have me at your side as together we Drill-Down Deep into what it will take to keep and serve – in a far more comprehensive way – the patients you already know. These patients represent the real treasure just lying there in your own backyard waiting for you. Just like “real GOLD,” they must be sought after and refined in a strategic, systematic way.

    When we finish, I promise you’ll walk away from our call with a clear blueprint and plan to accomplish the following:

    • Gain More Control Over Your Time. That’s how I’m able to remove days from my clients’ schedules and still actually make them more money…one of my best clients works an average of 3 days each week and only 3 weeks each month and earns more net profit income than most solo 3-op practices in North America.

    • Improved Relationships and Increased Trust with Your Patients. People buy from those whom they trust and my Perfect Patient Retention Blueprint... when you act on it, it will allow you to generate “raving fans” out of your largely untapped patient gold mine that will NEVER leave you.

    • Reliable Recurring Revenue from Your Patients...instead of “one-off” visits. This is the bread and butter of my clients’ practices, and I’ll show you how to do it!

    • Systematically “Cherry-pick” Solid Gold Patients. You’ll focus more on only those patients who are the most value to you and let your staff focus more of their time on new patients.

    • Expand Your Market Beyond New Patients. This is where the income really starts to climb and most dentists don’t even bother with this. But when you implement the Perfect Patient Retention Blueprint we create together, you could catapult your practice even more!

    Come prepared for a candid, intense exchange – in fact, it just might be the most powerful, most rewarding talk you’ve ever had. And there’s no fee, no obligation, it’s my gift to you – yet the value to YOU after completing this call is immeasurable – because the customized strategy we’ll create together on this call will enable you to enjoy the company of your very best patients for as long as you choose to practice Dentistry.

    "I’d just tell you to call Scott… Anybody who’s at a crossroads of, “Okay, what do I need to do?” and they want something more but they don’t necessarily know how to get there, that’s what he’s great for. So my advice to anyone would be if you have a lot of ideas and you know you want to do more but you don’t know what that is or how to go about doing it, having a business mentor like Scott is what you need.” ~ Dr. Klauer

    This will be the most valuable and insightful and exciting call you have ever had in your career, I promise you that.

    Again, there’s no fee. No strings attached. No risk. My gift to you.

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    “Scott offers a wonderful outside view… It is very very much a ‘Let’s define what you want your practice to be and then figure out a way to make it a viable economic business and a viable personal business so that you go home energized rather than worn out.’ Through Scott, you defined what you want your practice to be and I find that much more rewarding than when I was chasing someone else’s dream.” ~ Dr. Moberly

    "So the question is, what league do you want to play in? Do you want to be a minor league professional or do you want to play for the Yankees? What vision do you have for yourself? Do you see yourself as a utility infielder on a Class A team or are you going to strive to make the majors? That’s what we’re doing with Scott.” ~ Dr. Ferris

    “Scott’s doing something different than everybody else. He’s really listening to you…he’s coming up with a complete blueprint that’s specifically for you, not for every office…I think his perspective is far different and gives you an opportunity to be far more successful.” ~ Dr. Tieken

    "Scott gives you exactly what you need to get the job done… New patients are coming in. Our production has doubled from last month. Our collections are way up there also. We’re getting so many patients referring new patients to us and telling us that they’ve never been to a dental office like this. Right now our schedule is packed." ~ Dr. Sohn Dental Office

    Don’t stay trapped where you are. You can have all the patients you’ll ever need and the Lifestyle Practice you deserve. If you give me that opportunity and I guarantee I won't let you down.

    Scott J. Manning, MBA